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The Christian Harmony
          Hey Christian Harmony folks. Lots of news!! Sorry to put so much info into one email, but the world’s spinning a little too fast for me these days.
          The new book is here and we have been shipping online orders from the web site almost every day for the last week. They look great, sing great and feel good when you hold them in your hand. Maggie and I are still sore from unloading.  I have sent off review copies to several folks who might give a hand in letting the world know that we are not yet ready to hold a funeral service for the venerable old 1873 Christian Harmony.
          We have new pix (attached) on the web site front page with actual photos of the book.  We also  had a great story by Carole Currie in Sunday’s Asheville Citizen-Times (It also ran in the Marshall paper – see attachment) and Rob Neufeld I think is planning a photo feature this Friday and a future story on the new book and how it may affect shaped note singing traditions in Western North Carolina.
          Preparations for the Dec. 5 dedication singing (Saturday!) in Marshall are going smoothly and I hereby announce a special price on the new books for this event only. At the Marshall singing the books will be $20 each instead of the regular $22 so singers stock up, they will make great Christmas gifts. And we can take credit card payments now. Laura is hard at work getting ready for the singing and probably could use some help. We Need to line up somebody to announce leaders and take minutes. Any volunteers? I think Diane and Tim are going to be elsewhere. Anybody else not going to make it?
           With all the press attention, we also have been getting a bit of buzz that there may be a number of newcomers at Marshall. I know we always work at it but let’s all make a special effort to make them feel welcome and not too confused about our arcane practice of loudly singing archaic music. Maybe some of them will come back!
          Don, Dan and Joe, I can have your loaner and consignment copies ready if you want to pick them up Saturday. Let me know. And anybody else who sponsors a regular singing and is willing to dedicate all (or at least the morning or afternoon) of your event to singing from the original Christian Harmony (the 1873 revision and it’s Walker shape descendants — the 1979, 1994 and the new 2015 editions),  I have a very special offer to keep you in loaners and consignment copies. Just get in touch with me at the above email address or . I still need somebody who goes to a lot of singings to be an agent and sell books when you travel. I can make it no-risk, and somewhat profitable if anyone wants to take on the task.
          Don, Joe, June, liz, Dan and Diane, (who am I leaving out?) thank you for your commitment to having the Walker book as all or  part of your singings. I think that makes six events (counting both Etowah singings) that are committed  to using the original book.
           Another bit of great news, Liz Smathers Shaw and June Smathers Jolley are working on our first all-day Walker Book singing school in many a year, complete with panel discussions, history and old singing books on display. Here’s what Liz has to say about the upcoming Quay Smathers Memorial Singing School:
“Plans for the singing school are coming along nicely! The location will be the Shook Smathers house in Clyde and the event is being sponsored by the Haywood County Historical Society! Our date is April 9 which is a Saturday, and we hope to work most of the day in training up some new singers to sing in the old-style. . .  The space for the singing school is fabulous – a wonderful historic home with room for an exhibit of old photographs and old books.”
          She (Liz) is working on a web page for the singing school. And yes Liz, I would be very pleased and proud to be a part of it. (I’ll be in touch soon!)More later.  Which reminds me, We have a Christian Harmony Facebook page up. Take a look at . Take a look and tell all  your singing friends.
          Lot of irons in the fire at this point  …
“Awake and sing the song …. “